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In Real Time Translation, a UK Company, provides document translation services, language interpretation services as well as sign language, Braille and other services for those with visual or hearing impairments for over 400 clients from across the country.

Standard rates are amongst the lowest available in the UK with document translation services starting from just £90 per 1,000 words.  In addition, unlike some other providers of document translation services we only use fully qualified and certified translators. Our deadlines are short, with most documents being delivered within 24 hours of receipt.

In particular what marks us out is our ability to supply document translation services in any language or dialect from across the world quickly and at short notice as well as language interpretation services for any language which we can supply across the UK both in person and via the telephone.
If you have a very large text file (over 5mb) or audio file please visit our Dropbox where you can upload the file. Alternatively you can email us.
For help with your upload please call 0845 838 1051 or alternatively fax us on 0845 280 2208.

If you represent a client who is legally aided please click here

Our language interpretation services include both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.  We can also supply all of the technical equipment you are likely to need for any type of event.  Our language interpretation services cover all types of meetings, conferences and events.

Sign language interpreters are provided to facilitate your communication with people who are deaf.

For those with sight problems we provide a Braille service as well as tape transcription and large print services.

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People who are blind can be taught to read. They can be taught to read with their hands or fingertips because their sense of touch is more developed. They can feel the slightest of raises on any surface. This means that this God-given skill can be used to their advantage. The concept of Braille was first developed because of this skill. Braille is raised points or projections on a surface. When these projections are arranged in the form of words, they can be easily read with the fingertips. Braille books and instructional material are specially manufactured for blind people. They are designed and produced with precision to enable easy reading. Braille books are used at schools for blind people. Teachers need to know exactly what they are teaching through these books. Teachers are trained to read Braille with their fingertips too. Even if they can see, it is advantageous when teaching blind people. Braille text is prepared with printers that are similar to a typewriter. The printing mechanism has alphabets shaped by small needles. When each alphabet is typed, it punches a whole set of holes through a special stuff kind of paper. These alphabet needles need to be of an appropriate and uniform size. They need to be changed as they get worn out. Otherwise, alphabet punch holes will not be clear. This would cause confusion for a Braille reader. You may have Braille texts to teach a child with. There are services that cater to your needs when you want to teach a blind child on your own. You can send your Braille text to these companies. They will translate your text within a set time limit. With your complete translated version you can teach your child at home. Generally, this is possible because you can help your child run his or her finger over the same page and portion as you read out. You would have an idea where to place your child`s hand on the page. This is because Braille is visible enough on a page even if it is not marked with ink.


sign language


There are alternative languages for people who are deaf and cannot speak. They need to learn these types of language from people who already know them. Therefore, the concept of learning an alternative or sign language is just like learning English or any other language. People who are deaf or mute learn to communicate with those who teach them. They become quite reliant on their teachers. Parents of such children are encouraged to also learn sign language because this enables them to communicate with their children and also has a better psychological effect on their children. They learn new things quicker by communicating with their parents. Deaf and mute children communicate mostly with the parents, teachers and fellow students. Their social world lies among these people. Therefore, they need maximum attention. Most people do not know anything about sign language. Therefore, they cannot communicate with people who are deaf or mute. Sometimes, you might not feel the need to know such a language. Many people who have felt this way have had their lives changed significantly. Having a child or a sibling who is mute or deaf can compel you to learn sign language. There are companies that teach sign language and are helpful for understanding and learning sign language. Using sign language interpreters for communication is also applied to commercial environments. Companies sometimes need to get out a message to as many people as possible. There are many people who cannot hear and speak to in a wide audience. These people cannot understand what is being said on television. Sign language interpreters are helpful in bridging this gap. You can get a lot of information regarding sign language online and if you chose the service that has either online programs or teaching locations close to you, it would be best to opt for one of those.


Audio Translation/a>


When you need to have a language translated you need help. Translation, not being a science, you need the best possible professionals to help you. This will ensure you in obtaining accurate translations. There are not many translation services in the market that can do a good job so you need to be careful whom you choose to do your job. You may require translation services for a variety of purposes. You may need translation services at important meetings, at a presentation, at a conference or for a televised message. You may need translators for various situations too, some may even include critical ones in which you need to negotiate. If you do not know another person`s language, negotiating becomes impossible. However, there are translation services that make communication possible in every situation. Translation services can even provide you with translators who know sign language. This is extremely helpful because sign language experts help us to communicate with those who cannot hear or speak. You may use such sign language translation services in conferences and televised messages as well. A sign language translator may become a regular part of a school or college program too. This is because not all teachers know how to use sign language and may need to communicate with students who cannot hear. Translation services also provide other services. If you need a book to be translated, you can have that done too. They deal in different kinds of language translation. They produce your work within a few days depending on the length of it. They can even help you with translating books printed in Braille. This would be helpful to you if you want to teach a blind person. While you have the printed text, your child or student will be able to use the corresponding Braille text. Translation services are becoming more specialized. In the future, there will be more convenient translation services available to you. You can browse online to get an idea of the translation services provided. There are different kinds. You need to choose the one that best suits your need.


braille printing


Ensuring text is accessible to people with sight problems is made easier with the help of a braille printing service. For those who suffer with sight problems braille printing can ensure they can read with confidence. A variety of texts can be transformed with braille printing thus allowing a bigger audience to be able to read. Important documents can be printed using braille printing, which makes sure staff members with sight problems are kept fully updated. When looking for braille printing services, it`s worth considering professionals found on the web such as who can comfortably cater for any printing needs. As well as providing a splendid braille printing service they also offer a number of other translation services. They can translate important documents from a variety of languages in a fast and efficient way. They offer a sign language interpretation service, which ensures people who are deaf, know what`s being said at conferences, meetings or any important event. From braille printing services to tape transcription and large print processes, the versatility of this company is outstanding. Whether you need document translation, language interpretation or braille printing services you`ll find this experienced company will meet your demands head on. With a fine attention to detail and a band of trusted employees, they offer a polished all round performance. If you want people with sight problems to able to read your print let the braille printing experts transform your text. You`ll be able to put what you want into your documents and make them accessible to people with sight disorders.


sign language


How would you speak to large group of deaf people if you didn`t know the intricacies of sign language? You`d have to find a way of communicating to the group that ensured they understood what you had to say. One possible solution is by enlisting the help of a specialised company who can provide you with a signer who can competently sign language for you. This process would ensure that the group would know exactly what you had to say and inform them of all the vital points. Practised translation services employ sign language interpreters that can communicate all your spoken words to people who are deaf. They can attend business meetings, functions, seminars or any event where you need to get your message across clearly and concisely. Working along side you at your valuable conference, the sign language interpreters provide a fast and efficient service. Language interpreters are capable of communicating all the technical information with proficiency, professionalism and purpose. The next time you are heading a meeting that requires the use of a sign language interpreter enlist the help of a competent team. Located on the Internet companies like have a number of qualified sign language interpreters who can comfortably sign at any event. When you need to get the right message across specialised sign language interpreters can speak for you. The delegates can be kept completely up-to-date with an experienced visual translator and you can feel comfortable hosting the event, knowing that all the attendees fully understand what you are saying.




When you have important documents or essential texts that need to be translated correctly, who do you entrust to the translation process? Do you have a team of translators that say they can perform the translation quickly but in actual fact take longer than they should? Is the translation process smooth and can it be relied on to complete the translation at short notice? If the answer is no to all of the above then it`s time to find a new translation service that can quite happily accommodate all of your needs. When you need vital documents translating without fuss translation services can be entrusted to get the job done. Companies located on the Internet such can provide you with a professional translation service at a very reasonable price. They specialise in translating documents at very short notice, which is something many translation services can`t always promise. You`ll find their competitive service only uses fully qualified and certified translators who are very experienced, have a great attention to detail and are very quick at the translation process. Covering all the languages from around the Globe, this translation service can have your document translated in no time and return it to you with maximum efficiency. In future when you need a comprehensive translation service, which is speedy, detailed and highly proficient, entrust your valuable documents to this professional team. They`ll engage with the text and translate it with ease then have it back to you before you even know it.